The Pérez Cuevas family has been connected with the vineyard for more than 80 years. Already then, they made it in their hermitage-type winery in the Barrio de Bodegas de Quel, following a tradition of more than 300 years.

As time passed, they felt the need to share their Wine Cult with the rest of the world. They founded Ontañón - Wine Temple in Logroño, a unique winery where our wines mature watched over by gods and mythological heroes in the form of huge sculptures, stained glass windows and paintings.

Wine has been part of culture since ancient times and has accompanied man during the different stages of history. Our Cult is a tribute to everything he stands for. Our cult of wine is fun and open to all who are interested in it. It is our way of expressing the admiration we feel for wine and for all that it brings us in the form of nature, life, transformation, inspiration, culture, art, music, spirituality, friendship ...

Bodegas Ontañón

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