Rioja Designation of Origin

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In 1925, the Rioja Designation of Origin, the oldest in Spain, was born to protect the identity of its wines and its origin against possible counterfeiters.

Since 1991 Rioja wines are protected by the first Qualified Denomination of Origin of Spain. Its Specification establishes the demarcation of the production area of ​​La Rioja, the grape varieties that can be cultivated, the maximum yields allowed, the elaboration and aging techniques, etc ...


Thanks to the Regulatory Council, and its self-control regulations, Rioja is today one of the best Denominations of Origin worldwide as it offers guarantees regarding the quality and authenticity of its wines. It is one of the few that requires bottling at source for all its production. What has transmitted confidence and security among consumers by raising Rioja wines, as one of the best positioned in the market.


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