The Importance of the Wine Glass

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Surely you have ever wondered why you drink the wine in a glass and not in a simple glass, for example. And why each glass is different and also, why it should be a glass wine glass, the reason for the different sizes and widths and an endless number of more questions about The Wine Glass.

The importance of the wine glass, the importance of its shape, the importance of its material is due to the fact that, thanks to all this, the more than 400 aromatic and volatile substances contained in any wine are amplified and enclosed, be this Red, pink or white. The glass maintains and enhances its character and allows us to enjoy all the nuances that a good wine gives us.

The part of the glass that houses the wine is called a chalice, and this and only this one, is the really important part of it. Its ratio should be 1.5 by 1, between height and width, and should offer a waist, wider than the mouth. This circumference, called Ecuador, defines the maximum point to which a cup must be filled to be well served. Being the widest surface, it offers a greater evaporation area, which is the ultimate end of the wine glass. The wine requires air so that the aromas volatilize and its character is printed.

So it is also convenient to turn the wine in the glass, moving it inside it, like the experts, as this will oxygenate more and release its aromas. Aromas amplified thanks to the mouth of the glass, enhancing the sensation of the taste of the wine, regardless of the type of grape.


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