Behind the Wine Glass there is a young and professional team, with a clear focus on the client. Of course, extensive knowledge about wines and contacts in the best wineries in La Rioja.

Why do we exclusively sell wines with Denomination of Origin La Rioja?

Because Rioja is the D.O. oldest in Spain created in 1925.

Because Rioja is the D.O. With more and better score.

Because Rioja is known for its quality all over the world.

And finally, and for us the most important thing, because we are from La Rioja. We know our land, our grapes, our wineries, our wines. What makes us specialists in our product and not mere online wine sellers.



All the wines we offer are in stock

The wine you buy from us today will be on your table in a maximum of 48 hours.

Our entire business approach is aimed at customer satisfaction.

Because all the team of The Wine Glass from warehouse to customer service we have been related to the wine sector in one way or another since children.