Revocation Terms

Can I cancel an order?

An order can be canceled as long as its status has not changed to "Order shipped". An order already sent, can not be canceled, but if a return can be made, charging the customer with the shipping costs and as long as it meets the return conditions.

Return Conditions

For any return, you must first contact customer service and explain your case

A bottle can be returned under the following conditions:

It has suffered breakage during transport.

If you detect the break when receiving the order, do not accept the order and communicate it to the customer service. If the breakage is detected after receipt of the order, you have 24 hours to notify our customer service department

The wine is chopped or has a defect such as cork.

If, when tasting the wine, it detects that it is not in conditions for consumption, you can return it with the original cork and packaging so that our team can confirm the defect. It has 15 days from receipt of the order to send the wine. Once the defect is confirmed, we will add a new bottle to your next order.

The wine does not meet your expectations.

If you have purchased several bottles of the same wine and when you try it, the wine does not meet your expectations, you can return the rest of the bottles as long as they are in perfect condition. You have 15 days to complete this procedure. When we receive the remaining bottles we will refund the amount on a gift card.

Cancellations Visits to wineries

- Once the purchase is made, no returns are allowed on wine tourism reservations.

In the wineries that have to go by appointment, if your place has already been reserved and you cannot go on the agreed date, cancellations are penalized as follows:

Cancellation less than 48 hours in advance - the reservation is totally lost

Exchange / Cancellation less than one week in advance - € 3 per fee will be charged

Changes more than a week in advance - no penalties