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Rioja Youth Special Pack

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Rioja Youth Special Pack

The "young" wine is generally a wine that has not been in the barrel but is bottled at the end of the alcoholic fermentation of the grape.

It is also known as the wine of the year or harvest wine. Specifically, the Pack that we present to you consists of 3 young wines, fermented as traditionally was done, that is, with their stalks or clusters and whole grapes, which gives the wine much more fruity and fresh aromas and flavours. All these ferments in stainless steel tanks. When you discover them, you must remember that this method is called "Carbonic Maceration" and that only this type of wine will give you those sensations.

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This Rioja Youth Special Pack consists of:

1. Cantauri Red Wine of the Year. Cantauri is the young or harvester wine with which Alonso González wineries began their journey back in 1982.

Produced by Bodegas Alonso González in Ábalos (La Rioja) hosting the D.O.Ca Rioja

GUÍA PEÑÍN 95 Points


2. Red Wine Muñarrate. With the tasty taste of youth. It is a fresh, accessible red with intense fruitiness. It is one of the most appreciated wines in the bars of La Rioja

Prepared by Solabal Bodega y Viñedos in Ábalos (La Rioja) hosted by the D.O.Ca Rioja

3. Solana de Ramirez Joven red wine. Controlled fermentation that does not exceed 26º and maceration for 20 days

Prepared by Bodegas Solana de Ramírez Ruiz in Ábalos (La Rioja), hosted by the D.O.Ca Rioja

Pack of 3 Bottles of 75 cl. each

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